Upcoming Events

ILFA's Chairman Leslie Perrin will participate on a panel on the state of the industry to kick off the 3rd Annual LF Dealmakers Forum on October 13th

Wake Forest University Center for the Study of Capitalism, Litigation Finance: Revolutionizing Litigation

In House Warrior Podcast - Legal Finance with Leslie Perrin, Chairman of ILFA and host Richard Levick


ILFA will organise events that provide an opportunity for clients and advisers to learn about legal finance, as well as forums for members to share best practice, enhance the impact of commercial legal finance and stay ahead of developments of the industry across jurisdictions.

ILFA will also participate in third party panels and events by invitation which are related to the provision and benefits of legal finance.

Contact ILFA to learn about, or propose, future ILFA events, or if you would like to invite ILFA to participate in an event.


ILFA serves as a hub for information and research about commercial legal finance, and will commission research related to the industry, its scope and its impact.

Contact ILFA to learn about or suggest future research topics.